Do You Love Me Poem Series

I will post a series of poems this weekend in honor of Father’s Day.

I wrote the Do You Love Me? poems as letters between a daughter and her father and a son and his father. In 2009, I attended and helped host a Father-Daughter Banquet with my father and sister. That banquet helped reinforce an idea I already had…that fathers play a crucial role in their children’s lives.

Shortly after that banquet, I felt inspired to write Daddy, Do You Love Me? and Daughter, Do You Love Me? I based both poems on my personal experience as a daughter and thought of the things daughters need and want from their fathers and vice versa.

After my father read the poems, he asked if I could write some from a father and son’s perspective for the upcoming Father-Son Army Day (the male equivalent of the banquet). Unlike the first time, I didn’t have any personal experiences to draw from so I was not able to write the poems until after the Father-Son Army Day. Both the Army Day and the book of Proverbs helped me write Do You Love Me, Dad? and Do You Love Me, My Son?

Happy Father’s Day!


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